According to the latest social media platforms report of 2024, the number ofTikTok users above 18 in Egypt is estimated at 12 million users, in the UAE it is estimated at 36 million users, and in Saudi Arabia it is estimated at 33 million users. Therefore, considering TikTok as an advertising platform is undoubtedly a smart decision. Backlink helps companies and institutions advertise on TikTok to achieve their digital marketing goals. We analyze the audience and develop effective advertising strategies tailored to meet clients’ needs. Our TikTok advertising services stand out due to our skilled team that develops and manages digital advertised campaigns on the platform, customized to clients’ varying objectives. We utilize the latest technology to oversee TikTok advertised campaigns, including advertisement creation, performance analysis, and campaign optimization, ensuring the best results and ROI. These services are ideal for companies targeting a younger audience on TikTok, seeking to enhance brand visibility and promoting their products and services.

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